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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whats Your Fitness Style | Lifescript.com

Whats Your Fitness Style | Lifescript.com

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AlfaSunshine said...

Here is my result from the quiZ:

Your Results: You're competitive and love a good challenge.

Competition is the name of your game. It doesn't matter if you're beating your friend in a fierce game of one-on-one, or if you're trying to beat your personal record from the last triathlon you did − you're here to win. You love pushing your body to the limit and accomplishing extraordinary fitness feats. But you may also suffer from a lot of sports injuries because you constantly push your body to the limit. While you're up for the challenge, your body might not be. You need to remember to take it easy on yourself and work within the physical limitations of your body. The best kinds of exercise for you are those that present a challenge. You would do well on a sports team, so Google the local sports leagues in your area. If you prefer a solo sports to being part of a team, sign up for a race in your local area. Be it a 5K, marathon, triathlon or the Hawaii Ironman, you're up for the challenge.

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