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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brunch for One on the Cheap, Everybody Is Alone Sometimes

Menu: Pineapple jalapeno poppers Bagel with cream cheese Good Cheer coffee Crockpot Surprise Good Cheap Pinot Grigio On your own to celebrate the three-day weekend? Food is the best comfort. You gotta eat right? Going to a buffet with the champagne mimosas flowing is a lot of fun. But unlike going to a movie it is not the most socially comfortable thing to do.So this weekend let's stay at home and celebrate on our own together. The menu for today's brunch is uber simple. Jalapeno poppers are the quickest easiest hot fancy snack that I know. And it has meat and veggies! Even at the most fancy all you can eat buffet brunches you will find bagels and cream cheese. And it is a holiday so let the good times roll and get your drink on with tainted coffee with your bagel and a nice cheap glass of wine with your poppers J Crockpot Chicken is THE most popular recipe on Sparkpeople.com recipes. In my household it has morphed so many times it is different every time. Chicken or pork, canned beans and/or dry beans, canned corn, canned tomato something, and maybe some fresh veggies like fresh diced carrots, or a bag of frozen vegetable medley. Fill it up with liquid, chicken bouillon, add ground cumin…you have a family standby for life…and it's great for brunch. Cooking for one in celebration times is an art. Jalapeno poppers are pretty efficient on the calories and can be stored in the fridge and reheated for about two days. Don't make a habit out of the Cheerful Coffee (even though a harmless couple of tablespoons of booze sure taste better than sugar). Keep munching on the Crock-pot chicken for up to 3 days. I found a great array of wines from Livingston Cellar's on the shelf at my local liquor store super cheap (1.5 litre for $5.99 plus tax). As a pretty big bottle this will last through dinner for a couple days. When a bagel and a cuppa won't do it because it's a holiday…spice things up…skip breakfast and lunch and celebrate with a brunch. This menu is perfect for those 3 day weekends when you can just kick back, listen to music, watch a couple movies. Everybody is welcome, but if the schedule doesn't call for a large party, don't pass up the chance to celebrate even if you are alone. Close

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