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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lompoc, Got Meat?

Plenty of Places to Shop for Meat in Lompoc, CA This is what comes up when you search for butcher shops in Lompoc, CA. I had to add La Michoacana. It took me a minute to realize it was not there. I drive past #4 to go buy chicken burritos for lunch at La Michoacana. I cannot say that La Michoacana is better than any of these, but I can say it is the one I frequent. Bruces Prime Cuts has been in town for a very long time, and they have always been known to compete generously against the big grocery stored for fundraiser barbeques. They lost out by a slim margin to Vons with an organization I was once involved with.I do not know why Vons or Albertsons did not make it on the search because they both have super meat departments with excellent butchers. I love Food Cos. Their meat is okay, but it just does not have the fresh cut feel that Vons and Albertsons do. I think the Spanish speaking community in my town must eat a lot of meat, because a couple other Hispanic grocery stores with meat departments have not been listed. My sister used to live by #2. I am a little surprised they have so much yelp activity. I have only gone on yelp a couple of times, but I can tell you I prefer the burritos at La Michoacana. They are the only one that have a restaurant associated (right across the parking lot) with them as far as I know. I have a new bias for Vons as my son just got promoted this week and is the butcher's assistant there. Unfortunately, I am not a big meat eater, but I expect I will have a lot more to say about meat as time goes on. I am sure he is learning a lot about meat and best butcher practices. So stay tuned. I will be learning right along with him and I am sure I will have a lot to muse about when it comes to meat and butchers in the near future. La Michoacana Meat Market in Lompoc, CA | 1003 N A St, Lompoc, CA Bruces Prime Cuts 3 on Yahoo 115 E College Ave Lompoc (805) 736-6328 Carniceria LA Mexicana 11 on Yelp 201 S I St Lompoc (805) 736-4480 Carneceria La Mission 2 on Yelp 1410 Burton Mesa Blvd Lompoc (805) 733-3691 Carniceria Jalisco 928 N H St Lompoc (805) 735-2459

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