Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two Candidates for Best Male Celebrities to Crush On Celebrity Families in the News

Two of my favorite male celebrities have been in the news surrounding their families in the past couple months for very different reasons. Chris Martin and Ms Paltrow are getting uncoupled. Roger and Mirka Federer just welcomed their second set of twins into the world. Chris has the Mega celebrity actress wife versus Roger's former tennis professional Earth Mother wife. Ms. Paltrow has celebrity parents (her mom was Will's mom on Will and Grace). I loved her in The Royal Tenenbaums…quirky character, but not so much more recently with Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man franchise…if they could have developed her character around the violent display she showed at the end of Iron Man 3 then she might have been more interesting and likeable. Chris Martin and Roger Federer are superstar sweethearts. Super nice guys. Chris Martin is one of my favorite musical artists. If I ever get to meet him I'd like to compare my favorite artists with his. I just have a feeling he might idolize some of the same singer songwriters that I do. Roger Federer may be the best human being to ever pick up a tennis racket because no one has ever done what he has done in his tennis career with craft and niceness. Nice is a surprising word to use when it comes to the mano a mano cutthroat game of tennis. Roger is the Maestro of tennis and Chris is the Maestro of Coldplay. I first heard of Chris at the Los Angeles Open or Farmers Classic at UCLA in 2011. Coldplay played at UCLA after the tennis tournament on a stage built miraculously on center court. I was a volunteer usher during the tournament and I got in for free. I had only heard of Coldplay because the song Yellow is on a set of karaoke CD's that I own and I have sung it a couple times. I have since followed Coldplay on Facebook. Chris did a seriously intense interview/live performance on the Howard Stern Show that I caught on YouTube. I'm a huge admirer of the guy and I wonder if the uncoupling has to do with him being with someone else or if he's totally single like me. He seems kind of attainable. It could do a lot for the popularity of the band if he's really single. Single women like celebrity crushes and it kind of ruins the fantasy when they marry.

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