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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Prince at the Rio in Las Vegas...BABY.

I had a great time despite being deserted by my date who didn't seem to be having a very good time. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten to meet Prince if the guy would have hung around anyway. At least he kept me company for the 3 hours we spent waiting for Prince to take the stage. Honestly the show was a long in coming...but I danced a lot and I almost got into a fight and then I got to stay up all night to wait for the monorail to operate...gosh I'm cheap. But I really thought my date would come back and get me.

Club 2131 is a great place to see a show. Worth every penny really. I can only say that because I think relative to the experience $125 general admission is a bargain. Relative to say the same amount of money for a foot massage at the spa that morning it was an incredible bargain. I should have popped $375 for the table and bottle service too. Maybe my date would have stayed if he had a chair. That is how much an 80 minute body service is at the spa and they don't give you a bottle of booze.

He just didn't perform very many of the old favorites. He had a ton of hits. At the afterparty they played old jazz tunes. I love to dance. Some older lady who spoke a language I didn't recognize started dancing with me after they moved me from Princes tables at the restaraunt. She gestered that she wanted me to dance on top of the table! That was wild.

December 9, 2007

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