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Thursday, December 21, 2006

When Disaster Strikes

It's all relative. My computer is dying. For me this is a disaster because it disrupts my interaction with my computer. The computer has changed so my relationship to my computer has changed and I had to buy a back up computer so one way or another my son will have a laptop for Christmas. Maybe I just need to reinstall the operating system but this computer is still dead because it is different, it is change, it is good.

In Baghdad today record numbers of bodies, 76, have been discovered slain and dumped or distributed throughout the city. Two positive public figures, a beloved entertainer and an Olympic coach for cycling, were targeted and assassinated. And most recently a suicide bomber targeting Iraqi police recruits killing about a dozen people. Now this is disaster. Getting kidnapped off the street or out of your car and then killed is a major disruption.

My computer and me versus someone going about their day to day business and another deciding to kill or kidnap them are pretty dissimilar. But still I draw the comparison because I am aware that there is good in all of this. How? Because it is so. Someone in Baghdad or shall I say a bunch of someones are able to disrupt a bunch of other some one's day by killing a select few or many. Has anyone stopped to ask them why? I don't ask my computer why because I know I spilled water on it and it is my fault. How random are these killings? I would like to know.

I made a declaration a while back. It went something like this: Thank you Creator of the Universe for bringing US troops in Baghdad home to the US safe and sound by Christmas 2006...or something better. I believe that it is going to happen. It may be the or something better that I cannot fathom, but it is happened. I am aware that there are mass kidnappings, mass murders, targeted assassinations, and I don't know what else really. I know there are separate factions that don't get along but inhabit the same city and country. I know that the US decided a few years ago to disrupt their government and take their head of state out of power. I don't know how different the mass kidnappings, mass murders, targeted assassinations and whatnot were before the US took military action, but I know it was happening.

I think the disaster of my country right now is maintaining military personnel were none is warranted. Americans are symbols of peace. Our military personnel are over there to teach others how to keep the peace. I am all for peace. I am making a new declaration and it goes something like this: Thank you Creator of the Universe for the peace that has spread throughout Baghdad (and all of Iraq and the world) and the understanding and love that the people are now displaying towards one another by Christmas 2006...or something better.

I hold the intention that the people in Iraq (and throughout the world) whos lives are disrupted will find the good and the peace that passes understanding in their day to day activities. As they live and breathe God is with them and that is the best. We can all be thankful for that.

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