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Thursday, July 8, 2010


oK...So I'm camping on my couch to watch Spain V. France for Davis Cup on the Tennis Channel (thank you very much). I will be rooting for France. Who doesn't love Spain? If you have money Spain is the bet for sure. Can France spell the word leader PLEASE?? The media forever puts Monfils and Tsonga forward as entertainers...but PLEASE...will they please just be boring and efficient and win a 20 matches in a row???? The are "mind cases". The only one of them I have seen live is Tsonga playing at Indian Wells March 2010. He sucked. He ended up beating Montanes...but I couldn't watch the third set were he got it together because he was surprisingly unappealing to me.

I love Gael Monfils. He posts on Facebook like a real person now and again. Maybe too real....Like me!!! You gotta love the essence of the Comedie Humaine...I studied french in college. Romantic period literature to be exact. Fairly obscure....probably what drew me to it. The french tennis community is sumthin else. From afar I love them. They are so in need of something. Get out that magnifying glass folks...watch carefully. It will be revealed...I will find it in the wee hours on live television and let you know.

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