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Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Tennis

I am in Hog Heaven. The Tennis Channel is bringing me the ATP World Championships live. I get to watch it from my beloved couch and tweet and facebook. David Ferrer is such an amazing man. Andy Murray holds the world on his shoulders and wears it like a spec of dust. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga lives in a world I don't know about and takes it on the court with him. Roger Federer rules the world in the most super human benevolent manner that it brings tears to the Devils eyes. Novak Djokovic is super sweet and making me want to learn Slavic languages. Mardy Fish needs to come to Lompoc and golf at La Purisima and let me follow him with my camera. Tomas Berdych is growing some serious balls. Rafael Nadal eclipses them all and you just have to wonder how?

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