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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I think I have perfected my single's profile..."let's make this simple"

Sometimes it seems like I wouldn't know a realistic expectation if it bit me....but I know in my heart faith is the answer for me. I like to dream and plan. I expect fun wonderful things to happen in my life all the time, and fun and wonderful things have happened in my life all the time. It's nice to feel special. Understood. I am a strange mix of extreme independence yet being joined at the hip is what it's about for a long term relationship...go figure...it takes good communication and compassion to be around me for very long. I have diverse interests and I love to talk about anything or everything...especially if I know little or nothing about it...I love Google/Yahoo searches. I am a college graduate, a loving mother, and I love my real estate. I enjoy teaching and I am a life long learner Kindness and intelligence go a long way with me... I am looking for a nice man for good company. I love talking and sharing experiences. I love to explore new places. I have traveled to visit large cities. I love foreign languages and I read and understand a couple better than I speak them. I would love to go to Europe and Asia and Latin America for the ATP/WTA tour for tennis. They play in great cities. It is my intention to be in a committed loving relationship by Valentine's Day 2014....or something better...like sooner.

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