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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#RafaelNadal...Some People Love Him Some People Hate Him Either Way...He Da Man

I admit it, I was and am in love with Roger Federer. I started watching professional tennis as a major pass time about the time Roger was having his last hopes of winning the French Open due to the dominance of Rafa...I wanted Roger to beat him! These days I'm not particularly a fan of one player over another as I am a fan of the Sport. The lovely commentators on ESPN3.com and TennisTV.com and whoever Robbie Koenig and those guys speak for (I'm assuming the ATP?) are always talking about how Rafa and Roger transcend the sport. I totally agree. I am completely brainwashed by the international commentators because they are the only ones that I get comprehensive tennis perspective from. I am so grateful for Facebook and Twitter for giving the players access to fans. I have to say that the best players tend to have some interest in social media (not so much the French). Rafa promotes and apparently plays online poker! Before I was into tennis as a spectator online poker was a favorite pass time. Unfortunately some sort of debacle happened and the site I prefer got busted for cheating their best customers...They are finally back online but only offering play money options and a lot fewer regular tournaments and sit and go play. I know I'd rather watch Rafa play tennis or even hit with him than play poker...but I also know I'd beat him at poker and probably not get a point on the tennis court :)

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