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Sunday, June 1, 2014

#Hollywood Daddy Pick of the Day: #TomCruise Tom Cruise's Numbers and His Personality Are Impressive

It doesn't matter if he is real or fake he is always Tom Cruise. Kids love consistency. That's what makes an excellent relationship especially father-child. Father's Day, next month, has got to be super special for adopted kids with celebrity dads. Who would not love to have Tom Cruise as a dad? He has to be one of the most self-assured people on the planet. He just seems so steady but wily enough so that if he was your dad he would probably be more wild than you...so it would be hard to get into trouble with him. Tom Cruise. I'm not a big fan. But I really like him. His movies are indicative of his era in Hollywood. Tom is a true icon. He takes up a pretty interesting place in film history. Shakespeare had words. Tom is all images. From his underwear dancing, to babysitting an adult brother he wanted to steal from, to spy guy Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise.How can anyone not recognize him as an exceptional performer? It is not surprising he has a new film out now. He is traveled the globe this week to promote Edge of Tomorrow. Tom Cruise's movie productions have had consistent box office over perform value. And he's not only as an actor. He has over a dozen film credits as a producer or executive producer. Tom Cruise is and has been a Hollywood legend for a long while now. Tom Cruise may not be the most decorated actor, but he has a lot more hits than flops. Judging from the trailer of Edge of Tomorrow, the alien invasion war genre was too juicy for him to pass up as an action character. Cruise's two adopted kids with Nicole Kidman Isabella, 21 and Connor 17, chose to live with their father rather than with their mother when they divorced. Tom could adopt me any day. Love him? Hate him? Don't think of him much? Everyone still knows at least one or more of his film roles. Tom Cruise is just very very consistent. Tom's characters always have a comfortable emotional range. You know what to expect from them emotionally. That could be what makes him so appealing. Anyone would love to have had a dad who is going to show up and always be on a pretty even emotional keel. Especially if he is generally a good guy. And then there is all that money. Did you click the box office link?

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