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Monday, June 2, 2014

Pondering Summer Hits of the 1990s on Pandora Summer Party Hits of the '90s, an Oxymoron?

I'm listening to my Pandora. I have it set to the summer hits of the '90s and it is by no means a party mix. Third Eye Blind is just about danceable, but they want something else to get through a semi toned kind of life...bummer. You cannot write an article about the music of the 90's decade without a shout out for Nirvana's Nevermind. I've heard it said too many times how that album changed the music scene. I still want to hear every song on the album.The vibe is certainly felt in just about all the other songs I hear on this station. Summer hits of the 1990's may not be excellent patry music, but it is good for pondering and writing. Sixpence None the Ritcher's, Kiss Me. I saw them perform it on David Letterman. Their music and sound remind me so much of the Cranberry's...Saw them on Jimmy Fallon. Neither of these bands would get through American Idol today. I saw a pair of singers get reprimanded harshly and sent packing by Simon for singing the Cranberries...bummer. Timelessness and spanning decades is a great quality for my local boys...The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They ROCKED the Superbowl this year. Californication came out in June 1999. Just in time for the 90's to party a bit in the summer. I was too busy playing earth mother to my baby to fully appreciate this one when it came out. The summer hits of the 90's I am listening to this afternoon make me think the 1990's were a tamer time. Tal Bachman's She's So High just came on. That was a huge hit and it is about as cheery as the 90's gets. It' has a very a naive cute theme. Not like Californication it is like a cake and ice cream party a mom could throw. Sugar Ray's Someday. Domesticated beach music. Eve 6's (never heard of them) Inside Out makes me think they must have been a one hit wonder. Green Day's Insomniac. The best new punky grungy artists of a pretty punky grungy artistic decade to make it out alive? Blip...I mean Blink 182's Dammit. What happened did they grow up and forget how to play? Oasis' Wonderwall I think there used to be a venue in San Francisco called the Oasis. I love that name. Tonic's If You Could Only See. This is a song a woman would want to sing at karaoke. Impossible to get the hetero gender going on those lyrics for a woman. Green Day's When I come Around worth repeating...if not for Green Day what would the 1990's have been? They are like the Cure cool...but way younger. And maybe not as British musical? If Smash Mouth hadn't of made it into the Trek movies would they have been as popular? Their song Walkin' On The Sun was one of the peppiest songs I've heard today. If I wasn't writing about summer hits of the '90s, I don't think I would have kept listening. But for the purposes of writing, I have to say this music has been quite enjoyable.

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