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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear #YahooVoices Thank You for Shutting Down

I started with Yahoo Voices in May 2014. They are shutting down July 31, 2014. My timing is always perfect.
I spent about an hour today cutting and pasting my Yahoo Voices articles that weren't 100% synced up with my Blog-spot links to the same articles. My discipline of writing articles only lasted for about a month, but I thought I would have Yahoo Voices as a writing environment for a lot longer than a couple months. I have found a lot of other writing environments that I might like since I joined Yahoo Voices. I appreciate the Yahoo Voices site with the ideas and tools that it provided for web copy writing. I never wanted to be a copy writer really anyway. It is a good discipline, but creativity turns into formula pretty quick in 400 words. I will always enjoy writing short quirky sentences. I have my Facebook page for that tho. I bought a $25 online screenwriting class from James Franco. Amazon has a self publishing service I might look into. I found an article that inspired me to hang out for a day or two on eLance. The internet is a great medium for great literature. Yahoo Voices along with many other yahoo products gives me an avenue to explore and contribute. Thank you Yahoo Voices. It was a short lived relationship, but it was an awesome discovery for me for other possibilities.

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