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Saturday, October 25, 2014

#LouReed - #PerfectDay

It happens that I go back and find things that I posted from #YouTube that are wiped out. I replace them when I see them. Usually more closely to my original post unless it's something like this.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#LivingtheDream In #LompocCalifornia

I have a dream that someday there will be a professional ATP event in my hometown. A new formatted invitational Featuring turned on pro-ams with legends and current players. This multi purpose event will be barely eclipsed by the usual 250 to 1000 point ATP/WTA calendar event. I'd like it to be on clay...indoors. There's a Babe Ruth field north west of town that would make a perfect #WestCoastSportsCenter. I originally hatched this idea on Facebook with my dear friend and former virtual roommate Rose. It has been a wonderful pumped up memory from 2012. I've seen inaugural events come and go since then that have stunned me a little. Rio De Janero would be our lead up event now. This year Rafa Nadal conceded the US Open North American tour. He never took advantage of or supported the South American clay court swing once hsis career exploded. He was the marquee player in Rio's inaugural event. Lucky SOB. Same year as the World Cup. I wonder if he saw many soccer matches there? It would be amazing to hit with Rafa or Roger or Gilles. I love to raise my my game and my fitness expecting more easys realization of my dream :)

#JustinBieber - #LoveYourselfLyrics The Moment I Became 'That' Mother In-law.

Youtube isn't going to be leaving #MyFireStick after this month.  They had the nerve to announce it to me on my birthday...If I was on...