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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It is Anybody's #USOPEN

There are no more surprises to be had at the USOPEN. Once you have made it past the first and second round you have done super well. Especially without Rafa on the mens' side. Rafa losing would be the only surprise until the final. Rafa is not there to lose anything. I wonder what Rafa is doing? Anything could happen on the ladies side if Serena does not win. That is nothing new. Roger Federer losing would bit be surprising. Roger winning would not be surprising either. Same with Nole. I hope someone like Tsonga or Berdych can step up and get their slam. And then there is always Stan :) This Slam is a nice big dog fight on the men's side. The flesh colored dresses that all the Adidas ladies are wearing are kind of Blah. But if you think about those ladies battling it out flesh colored is appropriate. Not a great fashion statement but those ladies are putting their flesh out there as athletes. It would be nice if it was an anti fashion statement.

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