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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greek and Roman Myth in Junior High

Yesterday for the first me ever I read a book to children that I had brought to class myself. I usually have something to read for myself in my book bag. I knew when I put the Greek myth book in my bag, it was a children's book. The thought did cross my mind that it was meant to be read aloud to children. It was actually part of the title.

I was subbing in a resource class at our local junior high school. One period was a remedial reading class, and the textbook needed some prep time to me without having worked with the lessons before. So I broke out the book, "Classic Myths to Read Aloud". I read the story of how seasons originated with Demeter and her daughter to the children. With Zeus and Hades and Hermes and Iris all playing their epic parts. The kids loved it. I was not surprised because I loved it when I was their age, and I still do. I really miss literature and the classics. I have always been a student. I have enjoyed being a substitute teacher very much.

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