Monday, December 11, 2017


Check out #TheWidthOfACircle (Live) [2016 Remastered Version] by #DavidBowie on Amazon Music

Thursday, December 7, 2017

#JustinBieber - #LoveYourselfLyrics The Moment I Became 'That' Mother In-law.

Youtube isn't going to be leaving #MyFireStick after this month.  They had the nerve to announce it to me on my birthday...If I was on my phone I would not be using a very happy emoji right there.  I don't care why Amazon and Google made this agreement or lack there of...but I was just getting into a great habit of my favorite updates on my subscriptions on YouTube...personal programming optimized for me!!  Isn't that the point?  I love my firestick...I watch Netflix on a family plan and Hulu....what tennis programming I can get between 3 or 5 networks to see a live match...Oh man now I have started.  TV is one of my great passions.  As hard as it is sometimes I love my personal programming.  I suppose getting used to watching Youtube on my fire stick tv set up isn't necessarily optimal as my internet on it kind of sucks...It just never ends does it?

Monday, July 10, 2017

#LutherVandrosss #NeverTooMuch

Do you have to be in love to appreciate Luther Vandrosses' music? No...but it sure would make you like listening to it more!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#DaveMatthewsBand - #YouAndMe (#GRAMMYs on #CBS)

I tried to sing You & Me at karaoke once last year.  This is such a great performance.  It's funny because when you listen the song it's about a couple...but the production creates an nice crowd on the stage by the end. This is getting up there as my favorite Dave Matthews Band song...maybe because it makes me forget about my other favorite song Most of the karaoke places I've gone to in the past have had  #WhereAreYouGoing with Dave's voice in.  I love to sing along...Here in #Mammoth Shandra only has the straight karaoke version...I sang it once or twice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#BobDylan #TheTimesTheyAreAChangin' 1964

I'm on my third day straight of staying inside at home in the great blizzard of 2017 in Mammoth Lakes, California. If I get my laundry done Cabin Fever will become unbearable...but as long as it keeps snowing and the mountain is basically closed (currently chair 15 is showing as open...that is it) I don't really have anywhere to fridge and cupboards are fully stocked and we still have power...And we have the Tennis I will be ok for at least another 3-4 laundry can keep piling up like the snow.


Check out #TheWidthOfACircle (Live) [2016 Remastered Version] by #DavidBowie on Amazon Music