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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Cure - Push (+playlist)

The Cure - Trust (+playlist)

Day Before St Valentine's Day #PlentyOfFish One Day Profile

Hello. I am a nice lady. I have been single most all my life. Only married once. I am finding more and more that Plenty of Fish is like any other social networking site to me except I only meet single men not everybody. I like to cook...Cleaning has it's place and time...I like to clean as I go. Valentines day is tomorrow!! OMG...so many men so little time! Hehehehe I'm a hopeless romantic in that I don't put much hope in romance lately. But it is Valentine's Day week so maybe I'll get hit by one of those proverbial arrows of cupid...Arrows could happen right?! :) I wax and wane on writing my profile. It's fun sometimes...THAT MADE ME LAUGH.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

#JustinBieber - #LoveYourselfLyrics The Moment I Became 'That' Mother In-law.

Youtube isn't going to be leaving #MyFireStick after this month.  They had the nerve to announce it to me on my birthday...If I was on...