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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Matt Ferry...The Monkey Man

Video streaming by Ustream I know it's t $$ thing...I will to do the texting thing when my business expenses allow...by November-ish I think...25% back to business just like I learned...unlocking what I have learned since 1993...and putting it into practice...watch out world...this is a smoking hot deal...miss you Matt.

Cool Beans Dawn Barca

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks For Sharing Juan

Juan Martin Del Potro from Tandil Argentina. I watched him practice at Indian Wells in 2011 or 10. I remember remarking to the kid standing next to me that he sure does make the court look small. Beautiful strokes....easy power on the serve...he's got more if he watches what he eats and presses play...Bring it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open Invitation...Visit Lompoc California Last Fortnight September 2012

Lompoc Tennis Festival Last Fortnight September 2012 D-day is approaching. I blame it all on Mr Roger Federer...but avoiding Andy says a lot.
I made a declaration. My town is totally depressed by the economy and our geographically disadvantaged location for sprawling metropolis. Tennis anyone? Our courts are an embarrassment. I don't play very often...but when I do it's all about aiming for the pot holes for the advantage over my opponent. If Rafa agreed to come and visit my town I'd have to take him to the golf course. And then I'd try to sell it to him!

#JustinBieber - #LoveYourselfLyrics The Moment I Became 'That' Mother In-law.

Youtube isn't going to be leaving #MyFireStick after this month.  They had the nerve to announce it to me on my birthday...If I was on...