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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#California it is Time for an #ATP Event Now

Solvang Anyone? a Girl Can Dream
Solvang, California the little Copenhagen of the Central Coast would be the perfect venue for a new ATP event. Lompoc might even be a better spot for the event with Solvang as a nice resort area for the staff and players to lounge and relax in between matches. Real estate is cheaper in Lompoc and we would have to build some hotels to accommodate thousands of tennis nomads who travel the globe to watch the elite players wield their tennis rackets. Lompoc has a very long list of professional sport personalities on it's resume. Legends like Casey Candaele or Napoleon Kaufman could be in the stands and on the grounds for photo ops. Who knows maybe sometimes local Jimmy Connors would play. With his clout we could round up some old timers and do a ProAm or a legends exhibition. With the courts we have right now at Ryan Park we may have to build a few courts, but that is just a formality. A town the size of Lompoc is under-served in tennis courts. Advocating tennis at the highest level makes sense. Kids days are always on at ATP events. Sponsors will adore Lompoc. We have rocket scientists and we are a mecca for the mentally and chemically disabled. Not a well known fact perhaps, but the Special Olympics and organizations such as LOVARC and VTC are organizations that larger corporate sponsors love to be associated with. Scheduling is a whole nutter kettle of fish. American experts such as John McEnroe and Justin Gimelstop have been screaming for years for the American tennis market to come up with new and different formats that would appeal the home of Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie crowd. Tennis has to find a way to be as sexy as an NFL Monday Night Football games. With the history and traditions that are kept in many longstanding tennis events the international flavor of the game could be lost in America. But we don't care...remember we are Americans after all. Lompoc is the best city on the central coast to host the next new ATP World Tour event. Anyone who has driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco will always wish they could go back to the Jalama Coast. Solvang has all the tourist appeal too. Tourist Central Coast dot org here I come!!

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