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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summertime May Be the Best to Track Down Retired Pro Tennis Players Where Do Professional Tennis Players Go When Their Careers End?

In the world of professional tennis, it used to be very common that even the top stars' careers to have ended by the time they reached the age of 30. Many now are competing well past that age. Elena Dementieve, Xavier Malisse, Fernando Gonzalez, Marat Safin, Dinara Safina, Juan Carlos Ferrero are just a hand full of professional tennis players who have left the tour in the past couple of years. After retirement some former pros are more visible than others. The days for the likes of Martina Hingis winning her first few grand slams.before the age of 18 are long over. WTA rules limits the number of matches players under the age of 18 can play in a calendar year. There are a few occurrences of teenagers in the main draw of this years French Open.So we will have to stay tuned and see if any of them make the leap to the business end of a 2000 Major Event and buck the trend. Here in the United states our sports coverage for professional tennis is very limited. Major League Baseball and NFL Football are unparalleled for media coverage and attention in the United States. Andy Roddick was our last American male professional player to consistently end the year (9 years consecutively) in the top 10 in the ATP World Rankings. He retired a year or 2 ago. I heard on Roland Garros Radio today that Andy is a broadcaster for Fox Sports News. Elena has done some of the same for the Russian speaking audience. Juan Carlos Ferrero had a tennis academy and owned part of the Valencia Open before he retired. Last year he was very visible as the tournament director. Dinara Safina officially celebrated her retirement at the and sat for an interview at the Madrid Open a week or 2 ago. Her career was cut short by a back injury. Hopefully she will be able to stay around the tennis tour. There is a bit of a trend for former legends coming back to coach current stars. Marat Safin with Ernests Gulbis would be pretty interesting! Professional Tennis is a wonderful spectator sport. Tracking active players worldwide year round isn't easy. If retired players choose to avoid the limelight we just have to wait for them to surface. The French Open is going on now through May 25th. And then Wimbledon is just a couple weeks after. If you have a favorite retired player, then these tournaments are great places to possibly see them in action behind the scenes.

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